Soma Sense ACADEMY
Soma Sense Academy offers a high quality hairdressing training program. Our mission is to improve and inspire the quality of the professional hairstylist through concepts, products and services that offer unique experiences to our clients consistently throughout South Africa. Soma Sense Academy is staying up to date with the latest development in the field of education and training. Part-Time: Students opting for a Part-time course will be completing National and International Qualifications simultaneously over a three year period at Soma Sense Academy. The following conditions apply: Students are required to work full time in an accredited salon. Working with a Hairdresser that has completed her Trade test (Red Seal Diploma). Students must attend Soma Sense Academy Hairdressing class once a week. This allows the student to complete the hours required. Should a student not have a salon before they start with the course, they will have a limited period to secure one. It is the student’s responsibility to provide their own models for all practical training and assessments. At the end of your three years, you may do your trade test for your Services SETA & International Diplomas. You will be accredited to work in any salon, start your own salon/spa or even work on-board a luxury cruise liner. The opportunities are immeasurable.







Administration: Reception and admin of Salon Services
Specific Occupation: Employment of specific Occupation Business MAnagement
Sanitation and Hygiene: Demonstrate, monitor and managing of deportment The importance of image
Elementary Hairdressing: Identifying skin disorders Shampoo, Conditioner and treatment Hair styling Techniques Pin curls and Finger waves Elementary Cutting Service After care of coloured hair Relaxing service
Retailing: Market retailing products Services in the salon
Communication/Language/Literacy: Access and use of information Maintaining of communication Present defined context Language and communication use
Communication/Mathematical/Numeracy: Problem solving Identifying, describing and classifying Basic knowledge of statistics Applying Mathematics in financial procedures and aspects of community Understanding number systems
Reception: Preparation and finishing of salon services Prioritising time and work
Elementary Hairdressing Services: Cutting and shaping of gents hair Cutting and shaping of ladies hair Perform hair colouring service Perform a relaxing service Style long hair Neutralising perms and after care
Cosmetology: Perform a make-up service
Communication/Language/Literacy: Accommodate audience and context Interpreting information from text Use of language and communication in learning programmes Write/present/sign contexts
Communication/Mathematical/Numeracy: Understanding use of number bases Describing/applying and analysing Investigating work problems Use mathematics to investigate business and national issues
Reception: Preparation and finishing of salon services Care for customers
Hairdressing services: Perform hair braiding techniques Perform Hair perming service Perform an advanced hair colouring service Perform a make-up service Perform a hair extension service Advance cutting techniques
Generic Management: Apply management functions Produce business plans for new venture Research and plan for equipping a salon Supervise functions of hairdressing salon Business Management
Communication/Language/Literacy: Accommodate audience and context Interpret and use of information Use of language in learning programmes Write/present/sign contexts Engage in sustained communication Read/view/analyze/respond Use of Language and communication Write/present/sign for range of clients Afrikaans language
Communication/Mathematical/Numeracy: Apply knowledge of statistics Represent/analyze/calculate motions Using mathematics to monitor financial aspects of personal and business issues
Terms & Conditions: Please refer to the registration form and contract and in addition to this the following terms and conditions are applicable: Students may enrol for the Part-Time Training program as described above. School Fees per year for 2017: R25 000.00 Deposit of: R5 000.00 Student Kit Fee to be confirmed To qualify for this special fee the student will be required to sign a three year contract to ensure that the Course Fee prices will stay the same. If the student for some unknown reason decides to drop out of the three year program, a penalty fee will be applicable. Should the contract be breached, then the following penalties will apply: The penalty fee applicable will be a sum of no less than R70,000.00 to cover the tuition fees. All outstanding fees will become immediately payable.