National Diploma in Hairdressing &

ITEC International Diploma in Hairdressing

Soma Sense Academy offers the most up to date and trendy training for aspiring hairdressers! With fully equipped lecture rooms, and all inclusive study kits, our students experience the extraordinary world of hairdressing first hand!

This full time course is completed in three years:

  1. Two years are completed at Soma Sense Academy
  2. Final year completed working in an accredited salon, under the supervision of a qualified hairdresser (with trade test/red seal)

During their studies, our students learn basic to advanced skills of hairdressing, and also get to practically apply them to clients in our Soma Sense Student Salon!

At the end of your three years, you may do your trade test for your Services SETA & International Diplomas. You will be accredited to work in any salon, start your own salon/spa or even work on-board a luxury cruise liner. The opportunities are immeasurable.

Below is an outline of what is covered in this course:

1st YEAR

National: Services Seta
Diploma in Hairdressing
- Level 2 (65750-LP 72009)

International: ITEC
Diploma in Hairdressing
- Level 2
2nd YEAR

National: Services Seta
Diploma in Hairdressing
- Level 3 (65749-LP 72010)
- Level 4 (65729-LP 72011)

International: ITEC
Diploma in Hairdressing
- Level 3
Introduction to The Hair IndustryIntroduction to The Hair Industry
Basic Health & Safety in the SalonAdvanced Health & Safety in the Salon
Client Consultations & BusinessClient Consultations & Business
Promotion of Products and ServicesPromotion of Products and Services
Shampoo & Condition:Makeup Techniques
- Diseases & Disorders
- Treatments
Relaxer & Styling of Ethnic Hair
Basic Art of Dressing HairAdvanced Art of Dressing Hair
Basic Art of Colouring HairAdvanced Art of Colouring Hair
Basic Cutting Techniques for Men & WomenAdvanced Cutting Techniques for Men & Women
Basic Perming TechniquesAdvanced Perming Techniques
Creative Hairdressing Design Skills including Hair Extensions

Third Year Studies: 

This is the practical component part of Level 4 of the National Diploma in Hairdressing, and must be completed in a salon, under the supervision of a qualified Hairdresser (who has completed her Trade Test). After successfully completing all components, and providing us with a fully detailed log book of practical hours logged, a student may apply for their Trade Test. Soma Sense Academy does not do Trade Tests, but can assist with preparing the student. Please contact us for more information about Trade Tests.


MINIMUM   ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: National Learning Programmes / International Membership Awards

  • Certified Copy of Grade 10 Certificate
  • 16 years of age
  • Copy of Identity document
  • Copy of Identity document [Person/s Responsible for Account]
  • Biology and Science subjects is recommended, but not compulsory
  • Accommodation fees are excluded
  • The Soma Sense Academy reserves the right to adjust fees and costs in case of unforeseen increases.

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